The Next Yoga & Body Acceptance E-Course Starts

October 1st, 2019!

Radical Body Love: Yoga & Body Acceptance is a 4-week e-course that guides you through an exploration of body-love through a gentle yoga practice. This course focuses your attention on embracing and honoring the body you have today - because you deserve to love yourself right now! 

You'll be part of a passionate community of supportive, caring, adventurous, excited peers that connect in meaningful ways during the course, and stay connected afterwards in your own private Facebook group!

Each week you'll receive access to a full-length (60-minute) yoga practice to stream over and over again. You can yoga with me anytime! During each week you'll complete body-love exercises and work on a personal yoga challenge. 


To support and engage you during this course, you'll have access to the following:

  • 4 60-minute yoga video classes to use again and again

  • Weekly body-love focus with exercises and a personal yoga challenge

  • Private Facebook group for journal prompts, discussions, sharing photos and videos, and supporting your community of body-love yogis

*Course is entirely online and runs via a Facebook Group. Participants must be able to access Facebook*

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The E-Course runs October 1-28 and is live facilitated by Laura. However, you’ll have access to the course work and videos forever!

What are folks saying about the

30-Day Yoga & Body Acceptance E-Course?

The 30 day Yoga & Body Acceptance E-Course really opened me up to see the connection between yoga and body-love. I have continued to practice at home and feel really present in my body and positive.
— Rebecca B.
As someone who is relatively new to yoga and working on developing more intention, Laura and this course really helped to focus me and help me begin to wrap my head around how to care for myself and my body through setting daily intentions and regular yoga practice.
— Wr1terGurl
This is a great course for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with their body and ground themselves in a loving self-care practice. I’ve been practicing unapologetic radical self love and radical body love for a few years now but was feeling like that practice had stagnated. Through Laura’s course I was able to gain insights that radically shifted the way I think about my relationship with my body. Laura’s focus on self-compassion, both on and off the yoga mat, was just what I needed to pull myself lovingly out of stagnation and deepen my body love practice.
— Tiffany Marceaux McCulley
This course is perfect for anyone wanting to heal their relationship with their body, anyone who is wanting to learn about yoga for larger bodies or anyone who just wants some extra love and positivity and their life! Laura is a great facilitator and yoga instructor. I highly recommend this workshop!
— Amy Schwartz
The kind of yoga Laura has created is incredibly inclusive. It’s yoga for everyone, people who already have a practice, people who don’t, and especially for those who think that yoga isn’t for them. Laura finds ways to create loving and kind safe, accessible spaces that fufill the most needs possible.
— Suzanne C.
I thoroughly enjoyed taking the e-course from Laura. It was just the gift of self-care that I needed to give to myself.
— Kathryn Van Auken

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Have you been wanting a home yoga practice, but you don't know how to get started?

I'm here to help! This 3-week online course is the perfect first step to creating a home yoga practice that fits your lifestyle, needs, goals, and space. Work at your own pace! The course materials are accessible to you forever, so there’s no pressure to rush.

I'll personally guide you through:

  • Defining goals and the reason for your personal practice

  • Creating the perfect space in your home

  • Designing pose sequences that work for your body

  • Implementing a practice schedule that doesn't stress you out

  • Setting a lasting habit that will enrich every part of your life

Just think, at the end of three weeks you could have the beginning of a lifelong yoga practice already woven seamlessly into your daily routine! 

*Course is entirely online and runs via a Facebook Group. Participants must be able to access Facebook*

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