A super gentle seated practice for when anxiety is getting high and you want to calm the mind.

A gentle warm up for the morning or when you need to bring some energy into your day. All seated poses and stretches you can do in bed or on the floor.

This video shows my personal modification of the Sun Salutation sequence that eliminates the floor section. Using the chair to bring the floor up to you takes the struggle out of the equation and lets you get the benefit of each pose. This chair modification is great for those who can't or don't want to come to the floor for whatever reason.

This is a mini class with relaxing breath work, Vajrapradama Mudra, and a body-positive self-love mantra. Grab a comfy blanket, light a candle, and take a seat for a short relaxing break.

A very gentle seated practice for when you need to be calm and present in your body. It's all seated, so make yourself a little comfy nest and get grounded with me!