Classes in Houston

Come yoga with me!

Body-Love Yoga

Sundays from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

A gentle and accessible Hatha yoga class for ALL BODIES. A perfect class for yoga newbies or for those who want to emphasize alignment, flexibility, and strength building in a non-competitive, body-positive atmosphere. Lots of props, lots of options, and absolutely NO body shaming!

Restorative Yoga

Wednesdays from 6:00pm - 7:30pm

A relaxing class to restore your mental and physical well-being. This class uses props, music, and gentle guided meditation to help you release tension and practice self-care. Each class includes 4-5 fully supported poses designed to help you unplug and relieve stress. No movement or standing - this is your time to relax.

The only yoga class I’d ever recommend. Gentle, adaptive, a very good workout that also leaves you feeling better about yourself.
— Susan H.
I never thought that yoga would change my life, but I’ve been proven wrong. I have a better relationship with me body now.
— Carol W.

Classes are held at Ballam Studio, housed inside the church gym at 2025 W 11th St, Houston, TX 77008. 

*Register now for the Sept/Oct 2019 series*

Please note the schedule change!

*We’re going back to our regular schedule of Restorative on Wednesdays and regular movment yoga on Sundays*


September/October Options

Wednesday 6-7:30pm Restorative Yoga 

  • September 4 - October 23 (8 classes)

    *No class on October 30th.

  • Drop In for a single class: $20

  • Attend any 3 classes during the series: $45

  • Attend any 8 classes during the series: $120

  • Attend any 16 classes during the series: $216

Sunday 5-6:30pm Body Love Yoga

  • September 1 - October 27 (8 classes)

    *No class on September 29th.


Attendance/Make Up Policy: Series Pass holders may attend any combination of classes corresponding to their pass level (3, 8, or 16). Students must use their classes during the series time period for which they registered. No credit will be given for unused classes once the series has ended. Passes may not be shared.

Cancellation Policy: Series passes are not refundable, but are transferable  to the recipient of your choice. If Laura must cancel class for any reason, student may attend an extra class at any time - this series OR any other series in the future. Class cancellations will be announced ahead of time whenever possible. IF an emergency requires class to be canceled at the last minute, notice will be given to series pass holders as early as possible via text message. Please make sure to write your cell number on the sign-in sheet when you come to class. ** There will be no class held on September 29th or October 30th.


Body Love Yoga

Do you feel like yoga isn't for you? Do you want to have a deeper connection and a more loving relationship with your body? Body-Love Yoga offers a body-positive focused practice with emphasis on making yoga work for you.

Yoga can be a wonderful tool for self-love and empowerment. It can also be damaging when you're comparing yourself to other students or are not sure what to do with your larger belly, legs, or chest. Body-Love Yoga is designed especially for yogis who want that loving relationship with themselves and who want to be empowered to step into any class with confidence, knowing they have the tools to make yoga work for their bodies. Foster a deeper connection and a more loving relationship with your body through this body-positive focused practice. Created with emphasis on feeling empowered and making yoga work for your body today, classes are perfect for everyBODY and all abilities. Body-Love Yoga is designed especially for yogis who want to feel centered, grounded, and present in their bodies.

Together we’ll explore: 

  • Setting your body-positive intention for the week ahead

  • How to heal and strengthen your relationship with your body on a daily basis

  • Options for making poses accessible for your body

  • How to find safe alignment and freedom in poses


HoopAsana (yoga+hoops)

If you search for "hoop yoga" online you'll likely pull up photos of thin women in precariously glamorous yoga poses hooping with their feet while standing on the edge of a cliff with their eyes closed...or something like that. HoopAsana is NOT like that. 

I created HoopAsana because I love hooping and wanted to add the flow, centering, and awareness of a hoop to my yoga practice. Turns out that hoops do all that plus a lot more! Hoops allow for more fluid movement during Hatha yoga classes, help to create better alignment , and provide gentle support during balance poses.

HoopAsana is a yoga + hoops class focused around body-positivity, self-awareness, and being present in your body. Together we’ll explore a variety of yoga poses integrating the hoop for an accessible, strengthening, stretching, and fun experience! HoopAsana is for everyBODY regardless of you experience with yoga or hoop dance. 


What are folks saying about Laura's classes & workshops?

Laura is a wonderful teacher who is sensitive to the needs of her students. She actively encourages students to listen to their bodies. She offers ways to modify poses so that regardless of ability or experience a student is able to get the most benefit from each pose. I love Hoop Asana, her teaching is super centering and playful at the same time. I love being in her class - it feels safe and encouraging. Laura also has a very soothing voice, I know that sounds silly, but she understands how to use her voice to guide you as well as, when silence is needed. After I leave her yoga classes, I feel like a her light has made my day brighter.
— Lisa S.
The classes feel relaxed and non-competitive. She makes sure that everyone knows that modifications are available to fit individual needs. She is very professional and patient especially with beginners but also provides options for more advanced participants.
— Beverly B.
Laura has helped me create a home yoga practice that works with my body and gives me what I need. I’m meeting my body where it is and loving it more these days.
— A.N.
OMG, thank god for [your] Make Yoga Work for You Workshop! Now I finally know how to use props to support myself in the poses. I feel like I can take class anywhere and know what to do even when the teacher doesn’t know what to do with me!
— Rachel P.
Laura Burns teaches gentle, loving, body positive yoga for every body type. As a fat person it’s wonderful to feel capable and welcomed in her class. She made me fall in love with yoga again. I leave feeling loved, relaxed, free from overwhelming emotional and physical tension.
— Allison T.
Laura’s teaching style is perfect for me - finding self-love after years of hating my body. I can’t imagine taking class anywhere else.
— Heather C.
Laura is a great teacher! She pays attention to each student’s needs while teaching poses and modifications to suit everyone.
— Lauren C.