The 'My Courageous Heart' Deck 


Life is an exercise in vulnerability, in being brave. Every day you task yourself with the stresses and challenges of life, and then move forward to keep everything going for yourself, your family, and your friends. When do you find the time to look within and replenish what's missing?  

Your self-care practice is one of the most important parts of your personal wellness. It's the antidote to the pressure and difficulties of life. 


This set of 24 cards is designed to get to the core of you - to ask the questions that need to be asked. What does your heart truly want? What does your body really need? How can you best support yourself in this moment? 

The My Courageous Heart Deck is for you. It's a moment of your day that enriches your life and keeps you moving forward on an authentic path. It takes courage to move through this world with a soft heart and the ability to be vulnerable. These cards celebrate that delicate connection with yourself and your true feelings! 

The illustration on the back of every card features a Mudra, or hand position, called the Courageous Heart Mudra. When you hold this posture with your hands you fill yourself with courage, acknowledgement, validation, acceptance, and love. When you pull one of these cards you do the same - echoing and amplifying the courage required for daily living. 

There are lots of ways to integrate the cards into your life! Make pulling a card a part of your daily self-care practice. Carry the deck with you to find comfort when you are struggling. Create a special place to keep them and visit it often to ask yourself these important questions. 

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My Courageous Heart Deck!

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